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School gate Skills Scandal

Monday 11th April 2022

By Patrick Bullick

For years, I have been horrified by the sheer number of highly trained, skilled women who leave the property industry to have a family - never to return. Most companies demand traditional working hours and many employees find it hard to balance work and family life.

It is such a waste of talent.

Until schools move to a five-term year with kids doing all their ‘home-work’ at school, parents- usually mother’s - are bound to school pick-up times. Plus, covering those lengthy school holidays whilst working traditionally, is neigh on impossible.

Corona Chaos has helped change attitudes to flexible working, and we at STANLEY PROPERTY LONDON are offering a suitable solution for those looking to get back into the business and still have a home life.

Our aim is to give these experienced lettings and sales brokers a ‘safe-haven’ base from which they can launch and/or run their own businesses, working as and when suits them with all the support they need.

ALSO, our core team offer full - fit for Central London - lettings and property management for sales brokers wishing to offer their clients a strong London service but who are not themselves confident (or indeed interested) in the ever-changing lettings legislation.

So, if you happen to know anybody who might like to pursue this model, do please ask them to contact me - in strict confidence

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